If necessary, we can help you understand the requirements under the Affordable Care Act. Once you choose a policy, we'll explain exactly what you're covered for. We're dedicated to customer satisfaction, so we'll make sure your needs are met and that you receive great customer service whenever you require our assistance. We can help you with:


We offer free consultations at our Pembroke Pines office so that new clients can get to know our firm better. If you need insurance, you've found the right place. To set an appointment, call ThruCore Financial Solutions today.

Choosing an insurance company is an important decision, and we understand that you may have specific concerns.  As a leading provider of life insurance and other services, we will provide direction, help you make coverage decisions, so you can have peace of mind that all of your insurance needs are taken care of. This allows you to adapt more easily to life changes and feel more secure.

We can help you achieve your goals, and will consider your situation from all relevant angles to produce integrated solutions. We offer a wide array of insurance products from a variety of carriers. Our high-quality service assures you personal attention and quick turnaround for any request.



Thrucore Financial Solutions has been in business since 1989. We'd like to help you find great insurance coverage for all your needs. We focus on helping self-employed individuals and small business owners throughout Pembroke Pines, FL. We work with many of the major carriers, such as Aetna, Aflac, AIG, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, Met Life, Minnesota Life, Molina, LSW, Mutual of Omaha, Prudential, Sagicor, TransAmerica and UnitedHealthcare to name a few. 


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