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If you're on the market for health insurance, let ThruCore Solutions guide you.


ThruCore wants to guide you through the process of finding quality health insurance that suits your needs. This service comes at no cost to you.  Qualifying for coverage is only one part of the equation.  Understanding how to access and use the benefits is the other.  We don't just show you what to do, we educate you so you can do it yourself. 

During your FREE initial consultation, we'll go over your circumstances, your needs including your budget, to find options that will work for you. 

Call today to set up a meeting.

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OPEN ENROLLMENT for private insurance sold off the Marketplace exchange and on the Marketplace exchange follow the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT guidelines.  Open Enrollment is currently closed but are open to individuals experiencing special circumstances that allows them access to coverage example loss of coverage within a two month period.


Enrollment starts on NOVEMBER 1 of each year and ends DECEMBER 15.


Coverage then begins on January 1 of the following year, typically with no exceptions.  

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As an Individual or a Sub-Contractor, who is not currently being offered health insurance through an Employer’s Group Plan, you have two major options available to you:


1. You can purchase insurance from any of the independent insurance carriers that offer health insurance. Unlike a typical group plan that offers assistance with the monthly premium, the full cost remains with you the individual.  These polices can be individual or family plan.


2. You may go to the State Health Insurance Marketplace to purchase your health insurance coverage. You may qualify for assistance which helps to reduce your monthly premium. 




The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) issues poverty guidelines that are often referred to as the “federal poverty level” (FPL).


Starting November 1, 2020, the Health Insurance Marketplace®2 will use

the 2020 guidelines when making calculations for advance payments of the premium tax credit and income-based cost-sharing reductions for coverage year 2021.

Here are the top TEN questions to ask to give you control?

Trying to understand all the moving parts of health insurance can be very frustrating and confusing at the same time..  Call us for the right answers.


"What is a subsidy and do I qualify?"

"What are the benefits?"

"Can I go to any Doctor I choose?"

"What is a SILVER OR BRONZE plan?"

"What are the essential health benefits?"  

"Which 'Metal Plan' (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum or Catastrophic) meets my needs and budget?"  

"How do I navigate the Health Insurance Carriers Marketplace?"

"What are the differences between deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, and maximum out-of-pocket costs?"

"Is the lowest premium always the best choice?"

"Are my current doctors within the network for the plan I want to choose?"

When can I apply for insurance?
What are my health insurance options?
What will my health insurance cost?
How do I know what to choose?
Affordable Care Act Made Simple

Federal Poverty Guidelines 2020-2021


Important Guidelines to Follow

We simplify the Affordable Care Act so you can make the best choices.

Avoid a Financial Health Crisis

Get an application filed today! No application, no chance.

Avoid a Lapse in Coverage

Apply for new coverage before the last day of old coverage.

Keep Track of Changes to Life Circumstances

You must update or apply for coverage within 60 days of your qualifying event (ex: immigration, relocation, loss of coverage, marriage, employment)

Remember Critical Dates

Know these deadlines to prevent loss of coverage: Nov 1, Dec 15, Jan 1, 15, 30, 60 days, 90 days.

Prevent Loss of Subsidy/Coverage

You must update your application before the 15th to have coverage by the 1st of the following month.

Keep Up To Date With Changes

Our agents can help you be sure to stay on top of the changing policies and evolving options so that you are aware of new choices.

Online Tutorials

Watch some select educational videos below to learn more about the Affordable Care Act.

Video Tutorials
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