What is the ThruCore Advantage?

ThruCore sets itself apart from our competitors by bringing you added value. 


Helping you protect your health with the right health insurance and preparing for your retirement with the right Medicare Benefits and services, is the first step in the right direction that ultimately leads to achieving and exceeding your personal economic GOALS.  


Protecting your most important asset – YOURSELF – is our primary goal.  


Thrucore believes that everyone needs to know the importance of having the protection of health insurance and understand how the lack of it can gravely affect all facets of their lives especially their future income.  Most individuals do not realize how the high cost of healthcare could cause a grave economic loss to you and your family.  Understanding how to choose the right plan is key.  what benefits and how to access those benefits are key.   through your health and Medicare among ohers is key to your success. 


Be your own enabler


Know the value of health insurance 

Annual Disability policy review

Annual Healh Policy review

Affordable On & Off the Job Protection

Access to Lower Cost Health Benefits

Why review Medicare before you need it

Know how health Insurance saves lives

We work with you as you are our priority

ThruCore works with you to conduct private and personal healthcare reviews on an annual basis.   


  • This uncovers your specific annual needs. 

  • We help you navigate the ever-changing industry and the different products.  We help you find the right health and disability products that are tailored to suit your individual and family needs. 

  • We will work with you until you reach your own conclusion as to which solution best suits your needs. 

Individual and Family Benefits

Our individual and family products protect you and your family 

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Health Insurance

We represent major carriers for your private off-the-market place insurance needs. We can also assist you in enrolling in an ACA Marketplace plan that's best for you. 

Income Replacement

If you become sick or hurt and unable to work, would you be able to cover even your most basic monthly expenses –Mortgage – Utilities – Groceries?  

Supplemental Insurance

Aflac offers a wide array of employee, individual, and family insurance that helps with expenses that may not be covered by major medical insurance.  


You may not have considered other cost-effective products, but in many ways, it’s more than just a disability benefit. It’s insurance you don’t have to die to use.  These cost-effective products can also help with keeping you afloat. Your money works for you when you are no longer able to work. 

Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illness 

Life often gives us no warning. Don't let a diagnosis of a critical, terminal, or long-term chronic illness cause unnecessary economic burden.  Access the many programs that are available through special health plans. 

Planning for the future

Planning for the future helps avoid issues associated with outliving your retirement can leave you without a plan.  Sudden health crisis can wipe out your income and cause economic hardship.  Disabled can also cause an unexpected loss of income and unplanned medical expenses.  Know how to choose the right health plan and benefits offered through Medicare and Social Security benefits.

Affordable Care Act Simplified

ThruCore Solutions makes things simple so that you can be sure you are selecting the right plan for your situation.

Avoid a economic health crisis

If you are not currently enrolled in coverage, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk.


Call us today and we can help determine what options you may qualify for.

Delay is danger.

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