What is the ThruCore Business Advantage?

ThruCore Financial Solutions helps 

you stand out from the competition by protecting and elevating your employees. 

The benefits you offer to your employees play a vital role in setting you apart from your competitors. Don’t get caught in making the mistake of believing that top talents are only interested in benefits such as medical dental vision and a good 401k plan. 


This is where ThruCore comes in. 


We partner with you to help your employees understand that you understand that their quality of life outside of work plays a vital role in their performance and in turn the growth of your organization.   We support your employees in ways most employers tend to ignore.  Paying attention to the things that keeps them up at night and provide a channel that leads them to accomplishing their goals could act as the glue that binds their loyalty to your business.

While you take care of growing the business, let us help you attract and retain your valuable employees that are key to helping YOU STAY ON track to achieving your goals and in turn achieve theirs.

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Your Business Benefits

From Employees Protection

By opening the door, you make it possible.

No additional cost to you or your business

No excess training, drug testing or background checks

Reduce employee turnover, overhead costs and ensure continuity of service

Stand out from employers who do not offer similar package to their hourly or contract workers

Group Benefits

Our insurance-based group products protects you while supporting the path to achieving your goals.

Tap into resources from the most overlooked contributors to a company’s success – their sub-contractors and hourly-paid workers.  


Stand out from employers who do not offer similar packages to their hourly or contract workers. Making these benefits available to them helps to provide the long-term stability they want and need. 

Is Supplemental Coverage Right for You?

Supplemental insurance is a great add-on to your health insurance. It’s designed to cover more than a typical health policy by providing that extra layer of protection when you need it the most.

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Supplemental insurance is very affordable.  They offer a wide range of payment options.  Typical insurance are not as flexible.


Supplemental insurance is the opposite to a typical health policy.  It pays benefits to you and not a provider.  The payments are usually in the form of cash.  You can opt to receive installment payment for a lump sum payment.


Supplemental insurance gives you the peace of mind needed when faced with a crisis.  It helps to cover your out-of-pocket medical expense.  Your co-pays and deductibles among other things.

Organizational Support

As an extension of the goals and benefits for your employees, we offer two primary complimentary services to your establishment.

Informal Business Evaluation

How can it benefit you?

Knowing the current value of your business plays a significant role in the transfer of business because of retirement, death, or other life events.

A business evaluation provides you with the knowledge and insight needed in the event of a sale or unforeseen circumstance.

Gauge where you are as a business and identify next steps to protect the future of your company.

Funding Buy-Sell Agreement

Business Succession is the main reason for a Buy-Sell Agreement.

Once the agreement and funding is in place, the future of your business is protected for you, your family, and your employees.

Securing funding for payout on your Buy-Sell Agreement using life insurance is one of the most common and predictable methods.

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